What makes you fall for a girl?

So I've been in a relationship for 8 months, my only relationship and my boyfriend has told me several times how much he likes me and appriciates me, and he has said that im nice and giving, and dorky.

But i find a lot of flaws in myself, like i am trying to be more wife like.. learn to cook.. but its hard when you are 23 and live in a student dorm and your boyfriend is 27 and has his own apartment.. i can't really move in either.. he has a roomate and its to soon to make that step.

I just I don't know want him to say he loves me hehe, i love him i do but what makes him say it? when he totally falls in love?


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  • No shame in you saying it first. If he still hasn't said it then you can be sure that him saying it means a lot to him.

  • A tripwire.


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