Cuddling confuses me?

Hey all,
I'll try to keep this short. As a preface, my friend, has a boyfriend. Anyway, yesterday, she invited me to a basketball game, and it was a lot of fun. After that, we went home to her place (she is 16) and sat and watched a movie and cuddled more or less. I recently (a month or so ago) broke up with my ex, and although I am more or less over it, I really missed the cuddling and stuff. Anyway, we cuddled while watching a movie. Nothing happened, but the odd part is, she has a boyfriend. I'm fairly certian it's not cheating b/c neither one of us want to date eachother (we have discussed it in depth) but for some reason, we both really enjoyed cuddling, and I'm just confused. If you were in this situation, what would you do? If you have any questions about it, let me know. Thanks!!

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I forgot to add that I'm 17 so the age difference is irrelevant


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  • I would refuse to cuddle with someone who is taken. It might not be cheating if you keep your hands to yourself but it's definitely in a gray area, so it's inappropriate. I would not be comfortable knowing that my boyfriend is cuddling with his girl friends. Cuddling with this girl in the future is a bad idea, as long as she has a boyfriend.

  • Sometimes, you just need to cuddle with someone you trust for you it's your Bestfriend for her she shouldn't have done it as she has a boyfriend but if you are both sure you guys both got no feelings for each other then it's fine. It means she takes you as her brother and nothing is wrong with that


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  • Not cheating at all, but that is still rather intimate to be doing and I think it is inappropriate to be doing with someone else's SO. If you had a girlfriend, how would you feel about her cuddling with your friend?

    • Good point! But not only that the girl is 16 and he's 21... it would be much different if she was 18 and he was 23, but again, point +1 to your point... "SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND".
      I understand how good it feels to have human contact... & I also understand after going through a breakup cuddling or having human contact with a female feels quite nice... but being that the girl is underage, even if she didn't have a boyfriend... It's not right... and I suspect he asked this question because something inside of him felt like it wasn't right either.
      He needs to persue someone in his legal age group, even if its just a rebound lover if he desires to fill the emotional void he is clearly feeling.

    • I apologize for the confusion. I've added an update. I'm 17. The only reason I said that she is 16 was that her dad was there, but I never mentioned that in the question.

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