Guys, do men love the chase? how do I know if he has feelings for me or if he likes me?


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  • The only men who love the chase are men who normally get women very easily. When a guy has women dropping their panties for him on the drop of a dime a hard to get girl can sometimes be a welcomed challenge.

    A shy guy who doesn't do well with women and finds it difficult enough just to ask a girl out will NOT appreciate the chase. You'd just be making it harder for a guy who already finds dating to be a struggle. Also guys who aren't good at reading women's signs might mistake "playing hard to get" for outright disinterest.

    • so what should I do? just playing it cool? because that´s what I do/try. but sometimes when I'm the one who is appearing to make all the efforts I might stop initiating contact with him. And someone told me why would you hide your feelings for him? but I`m like I;m the one always contacting him soo I don't know...

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    • Dude, women. I swear. You say, shy dudes will perceive 'playing hard to get' as disinterest.

      Her response?

      Should I play it cool?


      Props on your patience man

    • what's your point with your comment @ArtDent

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  • I hate the chase and will not do it