Should I ask this girl I want to date if she'll remove her nose ring?

So piercings a re huge turn off for me, I think the act of piercing your skin to stick a hunk of metal through it is crazy and it freaks me out, and I feel that it distracts me from their beautiful face. there's this new girl at work who is really pretty, and she's really cool, and I really want to date her but her piercing just freaks me out. Would it be weird to ask her to take it out if we dated? Or should I just mention that I feel uncomfortable around them? Or just date her anyway and not mention it

Reason why i hate piercings.
I saw a documentary about Suspension Piercing when I was a kid and it scarred me. Google it. Everytime I see a piercing, even simple earrings, I kind of get freaked out


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  • I think that could be a bad idea. That is something she wants and something she likes. It maybe even helps her feel more confident about her looks. I don't think you should ask her to remove it unless you guys had been dating serious for say a year, and even then you need to respect her decision. I don't know why it would make you uncomfortable though for her to have it?


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  • I don't think that you're in any position to be asking her to make changes at this point. After you've been dating for a while, you could bring it up, but right now, you're nothing to her. I personally agree completely about piercings, but people who have them done feel very strongly about them for some reason - as though it makes them special.