Should I pursue guy with girlfriend if he is pursuing me also?

I met a guy online a few years back and we just chat as friends but a while back things started to get a little flirty.. I am now getting divorced and will be single so I told him and he was very interested. So we met up in for a date/get to know you in person session and had great time. Problem is he has girlfriend he has been seeing for a while now. We really hit it off and had 6 hour date chatting, etc but nothing happened, we parted as friends even though the attraction felt there. He said he wanted to go out again but wasn't breaking up with his girlfriend just yet. Should I just go for it anyway just for after divorce sex since I really like him, you know, friends with benefits.. lol.. he mentioned how like he wanted to sleep with me after the date and he is fun!


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  • I don't know what the fuck is wrong with people these days.


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  • No. Do NOT be the other woman. He either needs to break up with her or you need to find someone else.