Girls, One Girl I have crush on what to do?

Once my crush and i was chilling in my bed and we wached a moovie and maked out and after she left she, just after a cuple days said she is not intrested. what do i need to do i dont know -_-


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  • Well, since she said she wasen't interested in a romantic relationship between u two, there nothing else to but move on from it. Hopefully, u guys can just move forwarded & be friends. :) What did u say when she said she wasent interested? Like have u talk to her since then or is it awkward? Maybe through these answers I can help u on what to do next. :)

    • its kina awkward between us now.

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    • Maybe u can talk to her private about it. Then u two can talk about it & u explain how u want to be friends with her & for things to not be awkward anymore. If she isn't up to talking about it, then I don't think there's anything u can do but move on. I mean it's not ur fault.

    • I meant to say "talk to her in private" lol

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