Women do you enjoy not having to have any responsibility in dating? Guys do you think they will dodge this question?

Unlike guys you can either choose to or not, and it will never be a deal breaker. Guys can choose to, but its 99.99% of the time is going result in hime being dateless if he goes this route. Thoughts?


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  • When will men make up their fucking minds?
    You have no problem blaming women when the guy is bad but it's not ok for you men to blame women when it comes to the positive things of dating

    • Make up mind about what?

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    • I approached a guy last month and I got his number

      We are not dating but we will be hanging out because I asked

      But if we do date I don't feel I should have to do everything

    • And you don't have to like guys do. Guys don't have to either, but they chance being dateless if they do unlike women.

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  • Not sure if they will dodge it, but I am quite sure a lot of girls do enjoy not having to do the work. It is easier to just be the object of desire and having others do the initial work.

    Personally I don't have a problem with it and having us guys being hunters. I only have two issues about it:

    1. Dear girls, make yourself approachable. Don't always be surrounded by 20 female friends, make eye-contact, smile. The little things.

    2. Every girl should at least once in her life do a cold approach. Aka just go to a guy who hasn't noticed her, but she finds attractive and approach him. Know how it feels to do it in order to be more humble and grateful about the actual effort and emotional investment behind it.


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  • not as much as guys do apparently :\
    dont you get tired of this question?

  • Can you expand on what responsibilities?

    • Asking out , approaching paying for the entire date, women would never have to do this and still would be able to date, but if a guy doesn't, he's going to be dateless.

    • Asking out, yes I guess because of society stigma guys are the ones to ask out. However, with paying for dates, I make sure every date I go to it's a 50:50 split. I think it depends on who the guy goes out with because there are girls out there that would ask men out and pay.

    • Yeah I've heard of women asking out, (only on Gag) but never witnessed it or heard a guy ( again except on GaG for some reason) I'm going to have to put that on my list of things to see or have happen before my i die.

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