I met a girl in a weird situation. Should I try and date her or move on?

So while visiting friends who live over an hour away on New Years I met a girl. I haven't met someone I wanted to date in nearly 2 years. And I've definetly never met someone I was this interested in this quickly. And I've had numerous clear positive signs that she's interested in me. However there's a bunch of negative things in the way. 1. The distance 2. There's a slight age gap of about 3 years 3. I'm a recent college grad who's still unemployed. 4. I've never dated anyone I haven't been friends with for at least a few months and honestly don't think I know how to "date". 5. She's tried to date and has been turned down by two of my friends. I've talked to both of them along with a few other friends that know her and they've been truthful about some potentially negative sides of her personality (none of which have bothered me) but also really supportive of me trying to date her. Well now that I'm back home no ones even willing to listen to me so I figured I'd ask the GAG community. I'm pretty used to walking away from potential relationships without even second guessing the decision. But I also have a history of letting anxiety push me away from things. So I'm not sure if I'm just making excuses because it's been a while and I'm not sure what to do or if there's genuinely just too much to deal with in this relationship.

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  • If you like her, none of the 5 things you listed should matter. Whats' more important is whether she likes you back. No harm in trying.


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