My best friend told me that my boyfriend is playing games. Should I listen to him. And just end the relationship?

I like my boyfriend very much. It's crazy. But the way he treats me sometimes makes me ask myself if he really likes me. My best friend knows my boy friend they've met each other before me and used to be frinds, but now for some reason they don't like each other. When they see each other they talk and are OK but low key they don't like each other. My best friend and I are very close. He is like an older brother to me. Today he told me "look nikki, I would only say this to my sister. Your boyfriend is not as serious as u are in this relationship. He is looking for one thing and he thinks you're easy. So play the game he is playing. He doesn't know you're smarter then he thinks"
The the question I have is, Guys, can other guys tell if a guy is not serious about a relationship? Or if he is a player?
Cause us girls can tell if other girls are being fake or is low key a bitch lol.


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  • He's your best friend so trust him 😊


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