Guys, how do you feel if a girl you don't really know THAT well, but you know of her, follows you on Instagram?

If a girl you know of, but not that well, followed you on Instagram, how would you react? Would you be like, "Cool, whatever." Or "Well, this is kind of creepy..."



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  • I'd be like "cool, whatever" lol

    • What if she had given you her number a couple weeks before without you asking for it? Then would you think she's creepy? lol

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    • Well I definitely appreciate the help! I feel a little more confident in my decision now, lol. I might wait until after Saturday, just to see maybe what his reaction will be since me giving him my number 2 weeks prior. Take it day by day from here on out, lol.

    • Lol that's good wish u luck!

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