How can I meet girls in their young twenties?

By young twenties, I mean outside of bars, preferably someone who went to uni like myself. Someone who has the same degree of education is more likely to be my type.

I live in a town 25 miles from London in Surrey and I'm finding dating really hard as I'm not even meeting women.



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  • Go to cafe's... Find out where the young people are hanging out. Go there. Meet new people and have them introduce you to their friends.. Via via is always a good option and more secure than online dating. However, you might be surprised and find someone decent online... However, I don't know how comfortable you feel with that and how English girls are that use online dating.. soo.. best is to use your network and meet new people, go to cafe's and cool places where "smart people" hang out. You never know, you could also talk to someone at the library or a book store or cafe shop where people work! All locations where educated hang out.


      I really need to get over this girl, can you read my thread and last few comments? And advise? I'm objob

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    • Also, I see I can't message you privately :(

      But did you go to college/uni and then when you finished education you've found it hard to make friends? Or have you ever moved somewhere completely new and tried to rebuild from scratch? Really interested in your story too as it might help me

    • by the way I was on tinder today and this girl gave me her number, I said I wasn't really looking for a relationship but someone to chill with and she seems open to it.18 but living at home whilst at uni, hopefully this gives me some socialising time :)

  • Possibly online, online is so common now.

    • I've tried a few free ones but it doesn't have girls I'm interested in/ I don't get replies and would rather meet people through a hobby.

    • Hobbies and group sports/activities are also really great ideas!

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