If this guy contacts me again, how do I let him know that I can't hang out with him because I'm unemployed and broke?

I approached him 2 weeks ago. He is a college student so in sure he understands what it's like to budget money

We exchanged numbers. I asked him to hang out but I was not really tuning straight. He is nice but he's not usually the type of guy I go for, plus I don't have any money to hang out anyways

I'm depending on my parents money until I get a job and I do not want to spend my money that can be used on taking the bus to Job interviews

I barely know the guy and he's not my boyfriend and I definitely don't want to put energy into a guy I don't even know

I learned my lesson not to do that a long time ago



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  • "I can't go out. I'm unemployed and broke."

    • For someone who has been alive for 54 years is in a relationship you suck at giving relationship advice, either that or you are too lazy

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    • I'm sorry

    • Not a big deal, we never dated to begin with but thanks

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  • You're interested but don't want to put the energy in

    Well sorry but you get in what you give out. If you aren't prepared to dedicate some of your energy to this guy, he's better off without you.

    • I'm interested in him
      You obviously lack reading comprehension
      I wrote in the past I put energy into guys I'm not into and I don't want to do that again

    • I don't have any money to hang out with him
      Are you slow?

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