Met a girl on vacation on new years eve; hung out the next day; she lives in a different city; how much can I message her without seeming weird?


I decided to go on vacation to Cuba (I'm from Toronto, Canada). I met this girl from Montreal who is originally from France, who was with her family. Her family lives in France and they were visiting her in Cuba. We met new years eve, I hung out with her and her sister. It was amazing. I could feel the connection and so could she. We hung out the next day, with her and her sister as well. She told me she would visit Toronto and I should visit Montreal.

This girl seems so amazing. She is beautiful, nice, funny, and her accent is to die for.

I have her on facebook and we message each other once or twice a day. I think she is still recovering from the trip and missing her family.

I really want to speak to her over the phone or try to get to know her more, but since she lives in a city 1 hour away (by plane), I want to call her over the phone and then meet her in person.

Should I only message her once or twice a day on facebook? Is it ok to message more?


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  • Get her number so you don't have to message her on FB. If she wants to talk to you and enjoyed your company, she will give it to you.