Girls, What is a goal oriented man?

I'm on a dating site and keep getting women, who in their own words, are asking for a 'goal oriented' man. I'm not an experianced dater, and this sounds like one of those girl code phrases for something else, though for the life of me I can't imagine what. Everyone has goals, everyone needs goals to live even if its only to get taco bell for dinner. Obviously they can't be talking about taco bell dinner, so:

What exactly does it mean?


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  • It means they want someone who has life goals in mind, such as: Getting married one day, having a good job, and basically the American Dream. They want someone with aspirations for life instead of one who sees nothing in their future and just don't want to deal with life as a whole. I hope this made sense.


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  • A cliche beta male that enslaves himself to social standards of what a male should be.