How should I tell her?

Me and my ex have been talking a lot lately and I want to make my intentions clear. I really like her and I don't know how to tell her. We mainly communicate by text and snapchat. Is texting to impersonal? Should i call her, go see her?

Also don't say not to gi back to my ex, i really don't wanna hear it and obviously am not gonna listen to it.


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  • Listen me and my boyfriend split up. Hadn't spoke in over two months. He text me and said he was sad everyday. Go get her if u want her before it's too late. He's very lucky I went back as I was accepting it and getting on with life ! Got for it. Arrange to meet don't beat behind the bush life is far too short ! We are very happy now ! Sometimes u need a break to appreciate what u have. Xxxgood luck


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  • I think you should go and see her. That will be a better option than calling her.