Why do some people act like it's so easy to find a attractive partner with a good personality?

Why do some people think it's so easy to get a relationship?

First of all just because you like them does not always mean they like you

And it's so annoying when guys on here think women never get rejected.

Are men on gag really that unattractive?

Also, it not easy to get a relationship but some people act like it's easy as pie


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  • I am not sure, but you're right it's not easy to find a relationship and that too finding someone who is both equally attractive looks and personality wise. It's a challenge actually.


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  • Cause all girls are hot so then you just fine one with a good personality 🙂

  • Honestly, about half the people in your own league that are single will probably be open to dating you -and that is by male standards, yours might be higher. Assuming that you consider that attractive the attractive part should not be such a huge problem.

    Good personality is something else entirely. At least as far as my experience goes. Meaning no offense, an attractive girl is rather common, an attractive personality in a girl is by far more rare. Supposedly same for men.

    Women get rejected more seldom because they are in general not the ones initiating. If they are I imagine they'd be rejected roughly as often as men.

    Never met any people from Gag so I can't attest to the general attractiveness of either gender.

  • Because it has been?


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