Should I ask him out?

I've been talking to this guy since the first week of December. We met online (we had one class together which we both remebered each other from there but we never talked until this app match us) and we exchanged numbers and texted, sent voicemessages, snaps and stuff. I invited him to a party with my friends but he cound't make it so he said he was going to take me to this amazing coffee shop that I love. The thing is, I went home for christamas since the 17th and I just came back yesterday. While I was away we still taked and he mentioned the planed when I came back. Now that I'm back we have been taxting much less since a little before NYE. I don't know if I should remind him about the date we had planned or just wait for him to ask me when we should go. He even asked me when I would be back so we could go out, this was after Christmas.
So what do you guys recomend to do?

I just text him about the date and when should we go, he answered "we are also missing the buzzfeed recipe" but he didn't answer when... I guess he lost interest?


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  • You could make the date. Just text him and say hey I'm off Wednesday let's do dinner.

    If he says no he can't and he doesn't try to reschedule then it means he has lost interest.


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  • Yeah, no harm in sending him a gentle reminder about that date. It might even help in reigniting that fading spark. Good luck! :)


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