As a guy how do I improve myself?

I want to make myself more marketable to women, but I dont really know how to. Women say they go for personality more then physical stuff, which sucks cause I dont know how to improve my personality. I know how to improve my physical looks, I hit the gym, eat better, and practice better hygiene, but women apparently dont want that as much. I have a six pack now from trying to improve myself, and I still feel women dont really like me. What more can I do to improve myself and make myself more marketable?


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  • I don't think it's fitness alone. It certainly helps, but in my experience the biggest things that women want seem to be confidence and being interesting. Not complaining about things or getting bogged down in self-doubt. Having a sense of identity and purpose. Having lots of cool things to think and talk about. Having stories to tell.

    This is the area I have to work on as well. I'd like to think I'm decent-looking, but I need to have more hobbies, get better at stuff, have some kind of identity and direction. I need to get more to show for myself.