Why is he moving SO SLOW?

Last year, I met a great guy right as he and his ex were getting back in touch. He was honest and up front about that after we went on a couple causal dates where he was showing interest yet holding back, physically. There was a strong attraction between the 2 of us, and so much in common. I respected his apology for not being ready to move on with someone new, because he wasn't yet 100% over his ex. But, he never fully let me go. Over the course of 9 months, he found little art projects to reach out to me to collaborate on. Then, he suddenly started to reach out again, and even flirt a bit via email and text. 11 months after first meeting him, he made plans to see me. Our first, real date felt like fireworks all over! At the end, he drove me home and kissed me romantically before saying, "we'll have to get together again, sometime." Then, he traveled for almost 3 weeks. When he returned, he called me about a new DIY project to collaborate on! But, that was it. A bit of catching up and project-talk. No plans for next date or serious flirting or a long talk about this-and-that. I feel like he is cautious and a bit nervous with me (not his typical, smooth self). I certainly am with him! Hellos and goodbyes have always been awkward and fumbly-bumbly between us, but the time in between is natural, relaxed, and fun. I know he has been single for a couple to a few months now, so why is he moving so slow? Is he unsure about me? Nervous? Not ready for a new relationship just yet? Does he want to just take things slow? (Extra info: he is 32 and I am 29.)


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  • He is old enough and want to be sure..
    He dont want to get false again.


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