So I want to go up to my boyfriend at breakfast and kiss him swiftly in front of all his friends... just because they don't like me. ?

How do I make it to perfection? How shall I kiss him? Should i? Will his friends be jealous?


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  • Do it while one of his friends is talking to him and make it a long one. Just start totally making out

    • Cool, thanks. They really don't like me. Soooo, I really want them to freak out for some reason... just to be me. I'm weird like that.

    • Wish I could be there to see

  • Just do whatever you want to do and in any way you want, as long as your boyfriend is fine with it you shouldn't care what people will think or if they like you or not, it's not relevant anyways.

  • I can see why they probably don't like you, do you make a big deal out of small petty things?

    • Because I'm a girl... yes, that's a good enough reason. Okay, no, seriously. No, I dont. I can sometimes, but that's because I like to make very fine little details on everything. I'm a somewhat perfectionist. I don't care some of the time, then most of the time I do. It fluctuates, really, and it's not petty. A kiss with the one you love, is not petty. Emotions are not petty. They're not small, and I'm telling you now, love is not a feeling, so don't get that mixed up. How is making a big deal about it a bad feature? Making sure that I want complete perfection, and nothing else is bad? Say that to your kids when they want stories of love with your partner, but something went horribly wrong and this time it wasn't funny. Why can't I just make sure that everything is okay, maybe not perfect but just okay? Wouldn't you want your partner to have the perfect boyfriend? Wouldn't you want them to have the greatest experience with you? Hahaha, that's ironic. im going to write more, hang on.

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    • You need to rub one out dude and you need to fix your nerves because I didn't try to get under your skin 😂 I really do hope you take my advise

    • Oh no, you didn't get under my skin. I just like making my point, and I like taking my own advice... not from a stranger. No offense, even though when someone says no offense, it doesn't take out any offensive things, it multiplies it. Okay seriously, I need to stop talking before I start to annoy myself. Also, you used advice wrong. You said advise. Advise is a verb. Like to advise to me to take your advice. Just letting you know. I'll shut up. If I start to annoy you, I'm sorry. truly, sorry. Thinking things over and over is a habit, and also over-analyzing thing is a habit too. Bye, sorry to disturb you. I need to shut up.

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