Girls, how do I win this girl back?

Hi guys (girls, I guess). Let me start from the beginning. I'm a highschool sophomore who doesn't have trouble talking to anyone, and am a generally confident person if i do say so myself. I don't much care what people think, and act accordingly.

Anyhow, there's this girl. Now before you start rolling your eyes, please keep reading. It's not like I have a crush on her or something and want advice; I already went through that and talked to her last year. We got along perfectly and although we never talked about it, we liked eachother. It was beyond obvious yet we weren't actually anything, however those were the happiest days in highschool for me.

I messed it all up one day though, when her friends all called me and hounded me on whether i liked her or not. I'll admit, I was immature. I still am, albeit hopefully less so. At the time, we were in a fight, so I uncomfortably said "I find her attractive?" They were discussing, and I heard someone say "He's trying not to hurt her..". Everything went downhill from there. Basically, she stopped talking to me, and avoided me completely. Now she's one of those people that are actually pretty immature about these things, so she didn't even let me talk to her about it.

We've hung out a few times over the past year, but she's always kept her distance. What I'm asking is, how do I get her back in my life? In any way, whether it be as a friend or more. And before you tell me to get over her, let me tell you I've tried. I've talked to a lot of other girls and tried many people, but I just can't seem to connect emotionally like I did her.

I'm aware that this is just petty ridiculous highschool drama, but it is my life right now and I want to make the best of it. Also I know barely anyone is going to read all this or give me actual advice, but I'm beyond greatful to those of you who do. Huge thanks in advance :)


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  • Apologize to her. It is just petty high school drama and you two will laugh about it later (granted that you get this girl back in your life). When I say apologize, make it sincere.

    • Hey first up thanks for actually reading my essay haha. When you say apologize, how would I do that? It's been over a year now, and wouldn't it be weird just going 'Hi I'm real sorry for being stupid a year ago'. Also I've tried to talk to her friends about it too, they just say nothings wrong lol

    • Nope! This guy, whom was my best friend, we dated and he left out of nowhere. No warning, not even telling me. Just disappeared. Hurt me so bad. 3 months ago (which is about 3 years later since he left) he finally contacted me and apologized to me. Sincerely apologized. I guarantee she'll feel relieved as well as you will, too.

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