Girls, Confusing Closure text after dating "break up"?

As the title states, what exactly does she mean by implying the first part of the text, then state the last part, mixed messages in here, from a girl who I was dating for 4 months, granted it was a short time;however, we saw each other at least 4x a week, which enabled us to move a little faster, I'll admit, I was falling for this girl. There's just too many details of the story to type all down. But I'm just trying not to give myself hope of trying it again with her - and at the same time, not be strung along. I've had girls before tell me the same exact statement of breaking it off to find themselves and focus on school - then two weeks later, they're in a relationship with their ex or another individual. Keep in mind, this girl and I grew so close in a short time, that she's only been with two men sexually, her first was her ex of 4 years, and the next was myself. Keep also in mind, this girl has dated one other guy in the past after her ex boyfriend, who made advances but never worked because he wasn't looking for a relationship, as he made clear. She made it clear during out dating break up, that she wasn't ready for a relationship, and she found out towards the end when I finally asked her to be in one with me. Anyway here's the confusing text message she sent... make of it what you will - and what are your thoughts, greatly appreciated any input!

"I think it's better if you see other people. I'm not looking for anything and I don't plan on seeing anyone but I just want to focus on school and myself. I miss you too but I think it's better if we don't talk for a while. You're right, maybe one day one of us will reach out to the other but we just need to give it some time.""


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  • I think she legitimately got overwhelmed especially since you asked her to be your girlfriend when she said she didn't want a relationship.

    • I agree, but the problem is - in the beginning, she wanted a relationship, which I hesitated to begin one, but I finally gave in and we gave it a shot. Then she suddenly changed her mind, so of course we took a step backwards and decided to just date. My question is, with the text she sent, what does she mean to date other women, but at the same time state that we would eventually reach out to the other, and to give it time. It's a bit or a contradiction right?

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    • Well, if she does date this other guy than you dodged a bullet. Instead of being straight up honest with you, she took the easy way out by using that line. Then you'll see her true colors if she dates this other guy. itll hurt, but it'll also open up new doors and opportunities for you! Nice to meet you, Anthony. I'm Kayleen!

    • True, I'd like to say - she's a girl of her word, but that's not the case lol. But she has been on my side of the spectrum, she knows how it feels to be lied too. So who knows. But you're right, we'll see how this goes.
      Pleasure to meet you, Kayleen!