Can you successfully date a FELLOW A. A. member?

(AA=alcoholics anonymous, though your drug of choice doesn't have to be alcohol to attend these meetings)
in my short 22 years i've done lots and lots of drugs.. all of them.. every single day.. and let me tell you, i'm not proud of it. i'm 17 days clean.

recently i got sober and my friend said that the reason i can't stay sober is because i dont have a support group, and he was just like me, so i go with him now.

of course, me being the horndog douche that i am, i met a girl there.

this girl looked so mysterious i had to talk to her. she is adorable and shy, but i also know she is here because she has a wild side to her and i love that. i NEED to figure her out.

my friend said i'm crazy.. two AA members dating? thats a disaster waiting to happen. as drug addicts we are unstable as it is we dont need to be dating one of our own.

on the other hand, it would be very comforting knowing that my partner has a similar past as me. me and my friend talk about our past drug use and laugh about it, and thats how we cope with it and release it instead of ingesting it. it would be nice if i could do that with my girlfriend..


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