She rejected me so why does she still look at me a lot?

She rejected me so why does she still look at me a lot?
she was flirting and she has a boyfriend, she said she's not sure if she likes me more than a friend.. but a lot of times i lookover at her and she is already looking at me then she looks away


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  • she didn't reject you.

    She wants you to chase her.

  • Well.

    First, to ground you and lower your expectations, I have to mention that some women like to flirt without any real romantic or sexual interest in you at all.

    Second. To the point. Way I see it, there are three possible scenarios.

    a), she really wants you but is afraid of leaving boyfriend
    b). she wants to remain a friend with you, but is not interested in anything other than friendship, and is afraid that if she says this, the friendship will end badly.
    c). she is simply using you as an ego boost.

    Well to decide which scenario is this, you should

    1. Ask her directly if she wants you as a friend and no more than that, or as something more:
    If she tells you friend and no more than that, at least you can know she is decent and sincere with you. Whether you can be her friend knowing you won't be more than that or not, is up to you, but at least her behaviour in this case is decent.
    If she tells you more than that, go to 2.

    2. Ask her to date you and leave his boyfriend right away.
    If she comes with evasives to this request, then you know she is just using you as an ego boost and you should just run away from her as fast as you can.
    If she accepts, profit.

    • damn typo, it should be "... leave *her* boyfriend right away."

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