Is this a date?

My guy friend and I are both planning on going to the college play tomorrow and he asked if I wanted to go out to eat with him somewhere before. I said sure and asked where and he said he'd surprise me.

I consider him a friend but we've never hung out before. Does he consider this a date?

I'm thinking of texting him tomorrow and suggesting we go somewhere cheap cause I'm low on money - and then if he says he'll pay, I can say something like 'no that would make it feel like a date!' or something

What do you guys think?


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  • Either a date or not, what you are going to text him will hurt him a lot.

    Especially this part : 'no that would make it feel like a date!'

    Because for guys, it sound like

    'no I don't want to date you, you monster'

    I know that sounds exaggerating, but it does happen to some guys.

    You see, guys are made with a character to protect and provide. That's their nature inside.

    If he is going to pay for you, then let him be a gentleman.

    Picture it this way..

    If we reverse the situation.

    He suddenly texts you saying 'dont do any makeup, don't wear any shiny things, don't brush your hair, don't use lipstick, DONT EVEN TRY TO LOOK PRETTY! That would make this feel like a date.'

    Well.. even if you have no intention to make this like a date, don't this hurt you?

    I believe most girls will get hurt if the guy sends that text to her.

    That's just an expression of what he will (or might) feel reading your text.

    Hope this helps.



    PS: Happy Valentine


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  • you're over analyzing it. Just go out and have fun. Enjoy it. It's just hanging out as friends.


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  • U SHOULD BE HAPPY AND GO! aleast you don't have to pay go have fun y be boring and not give the guy a chance?

    • I feel like he's the only good guy friend I have right now who I can tell stuff to and I like having him as a friend. I'm already really interested in another guy and just can't ever see being more than friends with this one.

    • Okay I see, well you got to let him know ahead time before he starts liking you and he could end up getting hurt, just say you know ur like my best guy friend and I want us to stay friends..