How can approach a girl?

there was a girl in my college that i wanna talk to her or approach her but i don't know what i do excatly
any ideas?


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  • Compliment her, see what she is doing and compliment her.
    Find something unique.

    But before you do that, you have to ask yourself, is she approachable?

    • i can't know if she is approachable but she reply to anyone start talking her
      i spoke to her before and we start to know each other and she asked me about my name and i know where she is from until my friends come and start being silly
      also i can't find her do anything except studing or playing in her phone

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    • i didn't watch it
      also when i think about girl i don't think in a sexual way but i attracted to her personality
      but after all of that motivation i think to talk to her when i see her

    • If you have to think about it, you WILL FAIL!

      Dont think about it, be yourself, be comfortable, LISTEN! and communicate.
      Women just want to know men are listening. Give her that, and give NONE of yourself yo her unless she asks.

      Be brief about yourself, but in a positive note.

      For instance, when women ask me what i do, i pause for 3 seconds, smile, and respond, a little of this and a little of that... you know... work stuff.
      (this will keep her mind busy on what you really do, and will cause her to think about you.)
      But be brief is she asks again, dont tell her your title and the entire life story surrounding it.
      My response: i help people with computers,
      (when in fact i actually do 50 thousand things on top of that)

      Be somewhat of a mystery.

  • Be yourself and see what happens. A lot of chicks can be attractive but they may not interest you at all. That's the hard truth.

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