I feel like rejecting myself on his behalf? Are my feelings valid?

I liked this guy for a while but nothing happened... he had moved away and then he moved back recently. We reconnected and he kissed me and has been making plans for us to hang out and go do stuff.

I think he's a catch, but I'm too insecure to be with him, if that's even what he wants. He's had a couple gfs and crushes that I know of and all of the girls are remarkably pretty, athletic, popular, and successful in general. He has told me he finds me attractive but even so I know for a fact I'm not stunning like them. I am not athletic, I'm not popular, I'm not particularly successful. I have an interesting personality if you get to know me, but I'm just not like them, and that's clearly what he likes.

I'm tempted to kind of back out of whatever we've got going on/whatever it becomes because I know he'll realize soon enough that I'm not what he wants and I don't want to be hurt when he does.

Am I being ridiculous?


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  • I think to an extent we should all trust our instincts. Seems like you have a bit of a self confidence issue though which maybe creating a bit of a pessimistic attitude. I understand about not wanting to be hurt, but maybe you could give this guy a chance. Maybe the type of woman he dated before was just for fun, and now he is looking for something more long term and meaningful.

    • I'm pretty positive if I got to know him better I'd fall for him again, I just don't see him falling for me. I see him thinking "eh"

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    • Well, you could look at too as if you both have traits the other doesn't have and you could each teach each other new things and broaden each others horizons. Having everything in common would be too boring I think. If you are more laid back and easy going, maybe that is something he is looking for. I would just take it slow and simple if you do sorta see him to test it out.

    • Thanks. I'm going to consider it

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  • You are too young to be doing that nothing ventured nothing gained right?