(1st Tinder Date) Should I go?

I've been chatting this girl on tinder last Wednesday, got her whatsapp on Saturday, she asked me whether wanna meet up on Sunday (after i told her let me know when she decided before a day). But it will be two weeks later (after 18 Jan), she says she will be having medical exams on coming weeks.
I consider whether wanna meet her up or not:
(a) Our distance is approximately 100km (back and forth)
(b) She isn't that hot, just average
(c) We have only exchanged a few voice messages, don't really know her personality fully

Should I meet her up? I'm considering the cons of it, maybe if i travel so far, and then found out that she isn't that sociable person in person? Or she has hygiene problem? LOL...

  • Go. Why not? Another potential for you, probably.
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  • No. Why travel so far just to meet a person online?
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  • Maybe wait medical exams are tough and important. I might suggest telling her lets meet after her exams so that she isn't under pressure to study.

    • Yeah, she already asked me whether we can meet after 18 Jan.
      But recently she been initiating convo with me, good sign?

    • That's a very good sign