A good first message for a dating site?

Hey , I read your dating profile, it seems like you got a great personality and i think you're really a beautiful women!
I'd like to get together and meet you out for a date, when are you free to meet up?

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What Girls Said 2

  • First off - Woman not women! Ha ha!

    Otherwise that message is alright but won't stand out from the many others she must receive. If you really want a response, make the message a lot more personal. Mention specific things you liked about her profile, and also her looks (be PG about it.) Also give a little introduction about yourself. These are the kind of messages that I respond to.

    • So how long should the message be like how many lines?

    • For me longer the better 😊. Shows you put in effort... about 200 to 350 words maybe.

      But the length is not so important as the content. You must show you really read her profile and are interested in HER!

  • Anything that sounds copy pasted and bland (such as that) will not be very successful. Ask a question about one of their hobbies. "I see you like (thing). I also like (thing)" and then go into details about it.


What Guys Said 1

  • That's far too forward.

    You need to build it up to that point, otherwise you'll have no chance.

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