A gentleman or 'just a friend'?

I went on a first date with a guy, it turned out quite well and after some drinks we went to his place. He poured us each a glass of wine and then we put a movie on. He fell asleep within 2 minutes. I woke him up and then suggested bed time. we slept in different beds. The next day he invited me to go fishing with his friends- but I went home because I had no more clothes to wear. During all this time he made no sexual or romantic moves to me- he has never complimented me over text either. I've been waiting for him to text me. I'm agonizing if he likes me or not- and now I've just deleted his number 🙈 this is driving me crazy 😭 i want to be more than a friend- and I'm worried we want different things

  • move on- he's not worth it
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  • Maybe he's being patient/going slowly
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  • You overreacted
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  • You should've made the first move
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  • I would stay in touch for a while to be certain it's not B... otherwise you may screw a nice opportunity :o

    • Yeah no harm in waiting a little more to see what happens. I was really into him- so didn't want to seem needy. But if he likes me - he will make the effort for a second date. :) thanks for the comment

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