Girls, Young women 18-24, is a guy being bald (conpletely shaved) physically unattractive to you?

Effluvium kinda skips around in my moms side, it basically diffusely thins scalp hair entirely making it look sickly so I shaved it to the skin. Only concern is what girls will think and be honest girls, I have high standards on looks myself, I won't say they don't matter because they do.

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  • Baldness is a turn off that would be difficult for me to get past so young
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  • It is NOT an issue, a guy even as young as this can look good despite no hair
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The only issue with something like hairloss is a man can do nothing about it, I workout have ambitions etc but why should I be expected to accept an unattractive or plain girl? Simply because of a condition I have no control over, yes I have high standards, and Id bite the bullet before accepting less.
So please no 'looks shouldn't matter' type answers just go on physical for this
Age old question


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  • I don't think its a turn off persay. But some people can't pull it off and some people can.

    • I'm told by many I do (surprising as skinny pale white guy doesn't fit the bill for bald head usually, but my face and eyes work wonders with it

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • When I was 18-24 I never liked bald men

    Now that i'm not 18-24 I still don't like bald men

    IT's because it reminds me of gangsters... and that's suuuuuch a turn off. D: eewk!

    • but even if a bunch of girls don't like bald guys, there's always another bunch that do! There's always someone that will find you attractive no matter what.

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    • And quite honestly I think you're just kinda spewing crap, your standards changed to something even more conventionally attractive,

      And you're saying maybe in a couple years you'll find a bald guy attractive too then huh? After all you say you never know, however I don't think you realize how unchanging some people are either way. I already like very slim girls with very pretty faces and that's about the peak of fitness so there's no up category. You may believe what you want to believe but that doesn't change people stubborn enough to know they deserve better even if it kills them. :)

  • There is always more to a person than looks. That's why it's so important to value an individual who appreciates you for who you are.

    • I'm sorry but looks are a must, I have one life and will not spend it with a less than attractive looking girl, true there is some subjectivity but also a general measure of attractiveness, I am attracted only to slim girls with very pretty faces, there is no leeway on that, if she values me more but is pudgy or plain of face well she's a good friend but nothing more, so I'm sorry but appreciating someone because they like you is a ridiculously low bar, attraction is needed, and whether we want to admit it or not looks are a natural primary part of that

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    • That's my question can a bald guy be physically attractive to you?

    • I guess so yes

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