Is this a bizarre coincidence or something/someone trying to tell me something?

A couple months ago my friends and I were talking about what our dream girlfriends would be. Not like celebrities or anything like that. I told them want mind would be. (Gamer girl with a sense of humour etc). So we get a new girl at my work who basically is what I said my dream girl was. Hair colour to name to hobbies. Only thing is she's got a "guy friend" or whatever. Is this some bizarre coincidence or not? I'm not a huge believer in fate or what not. I just thought that was really weird lol.


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  • I had the same experience once, years ago at school. (Didn't end well, but that's unrelated!) A lot of it is probably coincidence: even if that was the only new girl to start where you work at the time, there will be a dozen other girls you met for the first time (new neighbour, delivery, customer...) - and of course the one that fits your "dream girl" description sticks in your mind most.

    She sounds good though, I hope you do end up together somehow!

  • This has happened to me plenty of times. I used to think it was God putting them in my life. But I know now this cannot be the case. Because he does not do things like this. I have been a hard student of the bible the past 3-4 years and many misconceptions I thought of God turned out to be incorrect. Such as God is not interfering with things in our lives.

    Even if you aren't a person of God, you did say you believe in fate. That has to come from something, no?