My boyfriend has a sleeping problem but he refuses to get help for it?

His father has the same issue and he is being prescribed a sleeping aid to help somewhat control the problem. Its not that he has a problem falling asleep (because he can seriously fall asleep whenever) but he has a problem with staying asleep. So he will sleep for a couple hours, wake up and then a half hour later fall back asleep and this is literally an all day thing. He will sleep on and off all day if you allow him to and if he isn't able to sleep (because of work or company at the house) he gets extremely bitchy and takes it out on everyone around him. I told him he needs to seek out medical attention (because quite frankly, not only is it completely taking away from his everyday life but it is also starting to piss me off as well because he lives with me but we barely see each other because of it) but he out right refuses and says he doesn't need help. Which is BS.

The meds that they have his father on allow his father to stay up for hours on end without attitude and also allow him to get a good nights sleep so he is fully rested for the next day. How can I convince him that he needs to go be seen? Mind you, I've been trying to get him seen for six years now and I've had no luck.


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  • here's a solution get a boyfriend that works


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