Those who are into anime: would you let your boyfriend/girlfriend go to an anime convention with you?

So my boyfriend and his ex are close friends, she brought up some anime con she is going to go to with her boyfriend and their friends. I met them, and they seem like the type of people I'd hang around with. The problem is, this will be his first convention that he has ever gone to, he is really into anime, I'm into some but not a whole lot of anime. He sighed and said this was his first, and it costs money, and he sort of ranted from there, it didn't really seem like he wanted me to go with him. Would it be okay to go to this con. with him even though this is his first?

  • Would you allow your girlfriend/boyfriend to go to an anime con. with you?
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  • Yes - why should it matter?
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  • No - I don't think they'd have fun.
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What Guys Said 2

  • I would love that!!!

  • Allow her? Ha! I'd invite her. :D


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  • My husband and I had our first official date at an anime convention.

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