Where are we, are things looking good?

So, met this girl in November. We've been out four times, fifth time this Friday (to the cinema, per her suggestion).

I'm not really sure whereabouts we are (as in, are we just friends, more than friends, progressing, dating etc). And more importantly, where does she think we're going? I don't really want to admit that I like her in case she doesn't reciprocate, thus pushing her away.

Things that make me think she likes me...
- She came to my house two times, watched movies and cuddled with me (after putting my arm round her).
- When texting, she mirrored my increase in kisses, and puts the kissing emoji a few times.
- She's told me a few times through text that I'm cute after I've said something.
- I got her a teddy for Christmas, when she got home she sent me a selfie of her with it. She's told me she's been sleeping with it. Before she left, I gave her a kiss on the cheek, she gave me one back.
- Last time we cuddled at my house, I noticed she was touching my inner thighs. She asked if she could tickle/rub my arms.
- She always laughs with me, and has told me I'm funny.
- Held hands whilst skating.

Things that make think she doesn't like me...
- She points out actors who she thinks are good looking, and we laugh about it.
- We barely talk/text when we're not together.
- She wanted to introduce herself to my parents at my house, but I'm yet to go to hers or meet her family or friends.

How are things looking for us? Most importantly, are we just friends, or dating, or something else? What is she likely thinking? Where should things be heading, and does anyone have any advice? I'm very inexperienced in this area. Thanks!

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How much does the lack of texting matter? I'd really appreciate your thoughts on everything here too. Thanks!


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  • she totally likes youuuu!!! when she pointed out actors it was to make you jealous!! I am a girl and i do it too! it's normal! she likes you dude!! its good that you barely dont talk when you aren't together because when you are together face-to-face , you two talk, and that's perfect instead of not talking at all!!! she is into you!! when girls laugh always in whatever the guy says, that's a proof she likes you and she wants to challenge you!! and for all the things you said, she likes you! if she didn't want you , she would walked away!

    • Thanks! Do you have any suggestions about what next, or what I should do on Friday?

    • tell her how you feel! it's time to clear things! tell her the truth! girls like honesty! and then she will tell you how she feels too!

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