Guys, Am I overthinking things?

things seemed back the way they were when we first started dating. We were laying there watching rugrats in Paris and at the end of the movie there is a cake fight at chuckie's dads wedding and he looked at me and was like I want to do that. And jokingly I told him no. He said I didn't know what he was going to say. So I said that at his wedding he wants to have a cake fight. And he looked at me confused and said well there is one other person who's wedding it would be not just mine. He told me to guess who and I said me and he smiled and said yes. Then told me he was excited/ nervous about the possibility of me being pregnant...(yes I might be pregnant) I don't know what's going on like if he is cheating on me (I thought he was cheating on me) why would he say those things to me, unless he is just telling me what I want to hear. He said he is excited because he didn't get the chance to be there for his first kid. Oh and then told me if I wasn't pregnant that we could try again. When he left he took his things but he says he will come back, and like today it's taking him forever to response back to my messages when he is at home on his day off. Now he could be busy but he just texted me saying he is just watching tv. I don't know I think that maybe I'm way way overthinking things and being paranoid.


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  • I highly doubt he's cheating on you, but if you are having trust issues, you need to speak with him about it before they get out of hand. It sounds like he loves you, so I'm not real certain why he would cheat.