Do I tell him my feelings and that I want to be with him if I'm moving away?

We've been hooking up for a year now.. It all started when we first hooked up & slept together after a night out about year ago. A month after he asked me out on a date over Christmas break and we then hung out again two days later. But I was at school 3 hours away at that point so we would just hook up and sleep together whenever we saw eachother. We never talked about what we were or our feelings and I guess we both just assumed it was casual. I really do like him and have always and care about him. We ended up talking whn we were drunk a few weeks ago. He apologized and told me he was just scared of rejection and being hurt and didn't know how to say how he felt. I told him I was scared too. He told me he liked me. He also said he was hurt and upset over what I said. I told him we should just be friends, but I didn't mean it I just said it because I was angry because I didn't know what we werre, explained that to him. But now Im moving to Europe for a job in a month, he said he was going to miss me. I don't know what is going to happen. I do like him and want to be with him. But I'm leaving. I know I should have told him my feelings and had this convo along time ago but I was scared. He isn't talking to anyone else or hasn't been, and when we I talk would talk to other guys he gets jealous.. I don't want to be with anyone else but what am I supposed to do now. I want to tell him I want to hangout with him and spend time with him again like we used to. It makes me really sad because what if there is potential to develop into a relationship or if there is anything worth pursuing, I want to find out:(


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  • You need to be 100% honest with him and tell him your feelings. What's there to to be afraid of? After all, you are moving away.

    • When should I tell him? And how?

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    • He already knows I like him and he likes me back. But we didn't talk about being together or dating etc.

    • did I not make sense to you?