Have you ever told someone "Lets start off as friends" but you know deep down you'll never see them in a boyfriend/girlfriend-material way?


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  • Nope I won't give them the doubt when I'm sure that I'm not interested in anything more other than friendship.
    I'd ban her straight to the friendzone, as cruel as that may sound :/

    • Lol well I've tried that many a times and some guys just dont understand. So then I hit em with that "friends first"

    • You're giving them false hope though

    • Well when I just put t flat out there cruel I'll say something like "Oh I only see you like a big/little brother". That often works (but not always)

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  • No, I've said let's BE friends. If you are a purveyor of false hope: you are an asswipe.

    • Well I guess I've been an asswipe once or twice. Like when a guy just doesn't get it (doesnt get that im just not that into him) then I sometimes use the excuse "friends first"

    • I see.

  • Yep. Well. I like to believe that I am allowed to change my mind and if she's alright with friendship, why should we miss out on an extra potentially awesome person in our lives?


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