Girls and guys I don't know what to do?

there's this boy in school, and we have a few classes where we sit next to each other. i kinda have a crush on him and i think he's great, we like the same stuff and he makes me laugh like nobody I've ever known and we get on great. But my best friends who used to be his best friends (they're still friends) and pretty much everyone in high school thinks he gross (the way he looks) and we would get heavily critisized if together, Thats problem no.1. prob no.2 is that he believes that attraction is pretty important in a realtionship (he broke up with his now ex girlfriend because he wasn't attracted to her) but he isn't attracted to me (he said so himself) and im not to him exept by his personality, and the way he makes me feel when im around him. i dont know what to do about my feelings and its not as if i could just shut him out as we see eachother almost everyday.


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  • 1. don't care about people's opinion!
    2. it's your feelings and not theirs
    3. tell him how you feel if you want and then you will see how things will go and you will decide what to do

  • Well you don't need to. You are attracted to his personality and vibe? You probably are mixing your feeling for him and crushing. Just be friends with him the way you are. That way you can both have fun. If you guys are meant to click it'll eventually happen.

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