Guys, Do you think he still likes me even though I did not sleep with him?

I had a great date with a guy who I've been out with several times already. After the date, he asked me into his place, which I accepted with the intent of spending more time with him, not sleeping with him (despite the ulterior meeting society thinks this has). We talked, made out, and cuddled (both topless) until 3AM (basically for 3 hours) and he eventually fell asleep.

Would you still be interested in pursuing a girl if you invited her over, she did not sleep with you, but you still spent a portion of the night together?


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  • Yes!

    • Where does it say a guy have to bust a nut on first date. Or archive first base lol! If he doesn't. His lost. You have your morals what you choose to do. If your comfortable making out and teasing a bit ;) nothin more. That's your choice and no one or his call.