Who should young guys age 18-23 date?

I apologize in advance if I appear upset. Just to make it clear, I'm not blaming women or anyone. I hope this doesn't appear this way. If it does, I'm sorry. I'm just frustrated at my dating situation. I'm looking for some help and honest advice to improve my dating life. If you won't help then please don't answer this question. Thanks.

It seems women don't like guys these ages becuase they're too young or immature. Of course that their preference and that's none of my business. However, the problem is, who do guys my age date? Younger women age 16-17 (some) are the only ones that seem to appreciate guys our age. Older women and women our age don't like guys are age group, especially if we look younger. Even though, some guys my age can be more mature than some older guys. It makes me wonder how am I going to get relationship experience and be the best guy when I meet the right woman in the future if I have to wait till I'm 27 or 28 to be taken seriously by women? If guys dates someone younger, then he gets blame. "Why can't you get a woman your own age?" How is it my fault for not being like back by women my age for simply my age or looking younger? It's not my fault for looking younger or being 21. Should guys just go for younger women to gain relationship experience? Since apparently they're the only women that appreciate guys my age range or that look like boys in appearance, and in life you go out with the people that respect you and treat you right. If not becuase it's seen as pedophillia by some, then what do you suggest guys my age range do? I honestly need advice? :(

I need some help putting things into perspective, since this is one aspect of dating I lack understanding.


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  • So when I was in your age range I was single and dating. I prefered older men-- but before you shoot me keep reading 🔫... They were mature. They were stable. They were honest with their intentions. My now husband who is about 6 months younger than me came along and I honestly wasn't too interested. He showed me he was serious, mature, honest, and stable. He had a great job, a home of his own, was in school, and working toward goals and a future. We were engaged 7 months later. My point? Show them that you are mature and stable. Have future goals and a plan in motion to achieve them. That shows that you are not only serious but determined. That's a good quality to have. It also shows that your dedicated, another good quality. Sorry so long! Hope that helps. = )

    • Thanks! This helps! :)

    • Yeah it actually really sad but true. Women like men who have goals. Or people they idolize. Im 22 and my current boyfriend is 24 but I find him so much more mature than the average. He majored in two completely opposite fields (acting and accounting). And he has drive and ambition. For me its really sexy when a guy knows what he wants and is hyped about getting it

    • @asker I'm glad! Good luck out there = )

      @gwail I completely agree! Same with my husband. He gets tunnel vision and does not stop until he gets what he wants. Super determined and always eager to do better. Very sexy indeed! Sounds like you have a good one as well!

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  • Young girls age 18-23, preferably.

  • I'm 20 and the age bracket I'd date right now is like 18-22 I think. So it depends on the girl. I do get that it's hard though, it's more common I think that girls go for guys a little older than them :/ . I don't know if saying it depends helps.. If not, I'm sorry :s. And I'm sorry you're having a frustrating time *hugs*


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