When intrested girl might not give their number. Is this true?

I met this girl on instagram and we've been chating for 5days now. We live in same city and i know her sister and she knows that. She looks pretty intrested and also tries to flirt sometimes but when i asked for her number , she indirectly refused. Why she did this?


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  • She's playing games.

    • I think the same coz she also ask questions so that is for she is interested. Should i ignore her? what should i do?

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  • possibly playing hard to get, possibly thinks you're annoying or something. I don't know the girl, so I really don't know what more to say.

  • You have to be careful about who you meet online. It's good that you know her sister, because that could lead to future contact.
    There are a lot of guys who ask for a girl's phone number and immediately send her a dick pic. I'm not saying that all guys do that, but since there are so many that do, some women are careful about giving a number out to someone that they've only talked to online.
    Another reason why she might not give it is that if you end up "spamming her" (sending a bunch of messages) or end up being a creep, it's harder to get rid of you if you have her number. She can unfriend you on facebook, block you on instagram, even change her instagram name so you can't find her, but she can't as easily change her phone number. Again, I'm not saying that you would do this or that she thinks you're a creep, but if you've only been chatting for 5 days, she might feel like she doesn't know you well enough to give out her number.
    Just keep chatting they way you've been for now. She sounds interested, just that it's too soon to give out a number.

    • I think she playing ganes coz she also ask questions so that is for sure she is interested. Should i ignore her? what should i do?

    • I think she is interested, but just not ready to give you her #. It's not that she's playing games, she just doesn't know if she can trust you yet. it's only been five days. She likes talking to you online, and she just wants to keep it there for a bit.

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