Age difference and how to break it to your parents?

I am 18 and I met online this really wonderful guy, he's sweet, funny and is interested in having a committed relationship. We have been texting non-stop for more than a month. I really like him, and so does he. We want to meet up, but to my disgrace, my parents are very strict. He is ten years older than me and I am afraid this would cause a problem. My parents don't let me date, so I dont know how I could make this work. Any advice?


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  • Why do people keep trying to date people online

    • I am always busy with school and work, and dont have time to meet and flirt with guys.

    • lol sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • I don't understand NAIVE girls like you. Do you really think a man almost 30 will take you seriously? He is WAY too old for you and is most likely prying on your naiveness. Just stay away. You're not even allowed to date and you have to respect your parents. You are living in THEIR home. You are just going to create unnecessary problems for yourself. I would be creeped out and would seriously question his motives if some guy 10 years older than my daughter wanted to be with her.


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  • Don't do that they will get him in a lot of trouble with the law. Know that your boyfriend is fcked up in the head for dating a 16 year old. Something is off.. just know that.

    • Sry misread that you are 18. No legality troubles but I still stand by what I said.

  • Is it their choice?

    • Actually, I wish it was that simple. My parents are very controlling, with that being said, it would be almost impossible to meet up with him or even date him.

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    • I dont drive yet so I depend entirely on them to take me places. Aside from that when I do go out with my friends they are always near by. Its torture.

    • I only use public transport, even when I could drove a car.

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