Being too open with your new girlfriend, is this a bad thing?

Is there such a thing as being too open in a relationship? I recently got close o my girlfriend of 4 months and I tell her a lot like stuff I've never told anyone. Is this a bad thing or do girls appreciate it? I don't wanna scare her off.

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  • the answer is yes. Don't even tell your girlfriends your sexual fantasies if they are weird. These are things that might just hurt her. If you're honest with about other stuff, like your emotions then sure! That's a huge benefit for any guy. But if you think the girl on your left hand is hot, then there is no reason for her to know!

  • I would LOVE if my boyfriend was more open with me. We have dated 2 years and it's very rare for him too be open with me. He says he has told me more than he's told anyone. But he is still not completely open :/

  • I feel like its a good thing that you feel soo comfortable around her


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