Girls, Why do women befriend guys they never intend to date?

Seriously if a guy wants to be your friend, unless you play videogames, watch movies, drink or smoke weed, He's only being your friend because wants sex and or possibly a relationship. Girls (for the most part) are boring as hell. So why do you keep idiots around? Is it to brag to your friends about how many guys want you? What is this about because frankly its irritating. Either put out or fuck off


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  • So you just want a girl to fuk? You do know a lot of girls like to start out as friends with a guy right, or the friendship can turn romantic so why wouldn't you chance that?

    • Its not even that, its that why bother befriending a guy unless you want something more? Obviously we must be hairy stinky and obnoxious so why do you keep us around?

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    • I would rather be told there's no chance in us ever becoming more than friends so that i can hop along and get on with my life, and not invest emotions.

    • Yes I understand, however sometimes the girl doesn't know if she will develop feelings. If it goes on for several weeks and seems she isn't warming up then...:/

  • haha… that's the cutest post I've seen here so far….

    Ok…. I have done that a lot of times.. and honestly it is because I've liked a guy but only as a friend…… women really don't think in the same lanes as you men do… so maybe we might know that the guy only wants sex but somewhere deep inside we believe that guys can also just be friends….. which is like you say 99% of the cases not true……..

    It's definitely NOT to brag to friends. Really not. Sure, it can be very flattering if a guy likes you and sure you tell your friends…. but that's not the reason why you befriend a guy… Maybe some very insecure girls do.. or girls without experience in emotions…. I might have done it.. Honestly I'm not sure anymore LOL……. but for most cases it's alternative 1 in y text above..