oh lol so Im a writer and I was coming up with story ideas and I have no idea how this came into my mind but... if you fell in love with a girl and she loved you back and you had a good relationship but a new girl came along that was in your high school so you could see each other more often then the other girl because she went to a different high school. And if you were somewhat insecure so you were always scared the other girl was cheating on you so you decided to end things with her. And you were happy with your new relationship but you start getting bored of the girl. Then your ex girlfriend gets a record deal and stuff and long story short she became famous like Ariana Grande famous. (and not to mention she got really hot) Would you wish you kept your ex girlfriend


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  • That's the plot to Avril Lavinge's "Sk8tr Boi" song.

    Here's a breakdown of my exes:

    1998 gal: F* her. Famous or not, not giving her another chance.

    2001 gal: She's dead. Moving on.

    2005 gal: She can eat sh*t and die. If she gets famous, make it lava instead.

    2007 gal: I'd lay low. I'd also warn her fans of the real her.

    2008 gal: She'd have to become an infamous criminal celebrity to get that kind of attention. She's a little too smart for that.

    2009 gal: What, through Guinness World Records? No thank you.

    2011 gal: In the Philippines, she's already kind of a big deal. But no. She had her chance.

    2013 gal: I'd be one of her biggest fans. But I'd let her live her own life. She doesn't need me.

    2014 gal 1: I'd intentionally avoid her, for both our sakes. Paparazzi would seek me out probably to try to get a confession out of me so they could get some dirt on her. I'd try to avoid them.

    2014 gal 2: As an expert nutritionist? Doesn't make her a pleasant human being. She can still die in a fire.

    2015 coworkers (who never reached girlfriend status): They can all jump into a volcano. Every last one of them (except the Pepsi vendor girl. She's cool.)


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  • I mean, these things, they don't happen out of nowhere. If the girl's star is rising THAT much... you'll know.

    My older brothers went to high school with one Calvin C. Broadus, Jr. He wasn't famous yet, but apparently it was only a matter of time -- the talent was obvious.

    As the saying goes, it takes years to become an overnight success. (:


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  • Good for her and that's awesome, but the past is the past and what we are is history. I'm not going to suck up to her and want to get back with her just because she's famous; we broke up for a reason. Having said that, if I ever believe in marriage, I do want to marry someone ridiculously rich.

  • I'm not a gold digger, nor do I want to be in the public eye. I'd be relieved that we broke up when we did.


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  • I would ignore her!

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