Should I text her just so I can know what I did wrong?

So I was dating this girl for about 2 months. We texted almost nonstop for two months and saw each other at least 1-2 times a week, sometimes 3. We kissed and I spent the night and everything but she got cheated on the same time I did by her ex which was about 3 months before we met each other. I didn't try to have sex with her yet because I wanted to actually know her and not just make the whole relationship physical [I was going to when we were supposed to go on a date and I was going to spend the night but she cancelled due to what I'll describe next]
We weren't "a thing" yet but she and I were nonstop seeing or talking to each other. I planned a date for a Saturday and she cancelled last minute. I said okay no problem, scheduled another one for the next week, and she cancelled again. I told her to pick a date this time and she said the following Saturday. Last minute she cancelled again. I asked her what was up and didn't hear back from her and she had been short replying for about a week prior. Then I saw that she was in a relationship with some guy she knew from high school. She never texted me and said bye or anything so I don't know why she took off. It's really bugging me because I want to know if I did something wrong so I can fix it for future relationships. I don't care that she left so much as I just don't want to screw up in the future. Would it matter if I texted her and asked that? If she doesn't respond or anything I could care less but if it's something important I want to know.
I could be overthinking this too lol...

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  • Lots of ifs here... I would think she was maybe keeping you around as a backup, like as a sort of rebound until she could find her next guy. Otherwise, she may have been into you and then met this guy and they just clicked better. It doesn't seem like you did anything wrong and it's alright to ask. I don't know if you'll get an answer though. I wouldn't be combative about it. Just ask simply and make it clear you just want to know for next time.

    • I mean she never messaged me back period at the end of it so it kind of just left me wondering wtf. I don't mind if she doesn't message back but I would like to know, if she's willing to tell me, what I should make sure not to do next time if it was something I did.

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