My bfs cousin is constantly friendly on social media with his ex, makes me dislike her a lot am I overreacting?

I see her posting comments like " OMG u look amazing, I miss u" or... Liking all of her pics, and her and I never really interact because she's known to be a fake person per HIS OWN family so I don't try to "bond" nor do I have her on social media but I see her commenting on his ex and it makes me angry what type of shit is that? Am I wrong for disliking so much? Is hard to fake the funk I tell my boyfriend I hate her


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  • Seems pretty petty to me.

    • What?

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    • I know what "petty" means not sure what u meant by this.

    • The answer to "am I overreacting?" Yes it's a petty thing to get upset about.

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  • I mean you don't have to like her, but then again if she's a fake person you don't really have to get on that same level as his ex and her were. Maybe you don't know her on a different level as well but thats okay, you're not obligated to.

    • Yeah I mean we never gave each other chance to like each other. To me she talks to much, and is loud and wants to be the center of attention. More like I am down to earth, makes me think why she tells her she misses her, and what's so special about his ex for her to be up her ass

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