How to find a guy knowing only his first name?

So I'll try to make a long story short... I work in a little toy/gifts store, the owner is a very bubbly person and many people know her. One day a cute guy (around 20) came in with a few friends and wanted to wish the owner a Merry Christmas, because he had known her for most of life going into that store and what not. So I write a note for him so I can give it to the owner. I go into work a few days later and the owner says he came in the next day saying he was enamored by me and thought I was so beautiful and this and that and wanted her to tell me about him and when I worked and ugh I thought he was cute too, but he goes to school "far away" she said and she doesn't know his last name and now she is out of town. So all I have is this guys first name and I want to get in contact with him and tell him I liked him too. I think he went back to school, because he was on winter break, and most universities in my state start their winter/spring semester on the 4th, which is today. I really liked him, and he really liked me and this never happens. I just don't know what to do? Any advice?


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  • You can try a facebook search for him with his first name and the state he is in and even his college name if you know it. It will take long to go through profiles. But if you remember what he looks like and have a lot of patience then I guess it's worth a shot. I hope he even has a facebook.


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