Is this weird that it happens? What do you think?

I believe am normal -looking and mind my own business. I am quite shy and don't talk a lot.

I meet girls often and I don't talk much and feel nervous. I end up smiling and girl's say " I look so cute , when I do smile" and try to tease me shyness.

Girls then try to talk to me when I am walking or leaving and ask me personally for "sex".

They even tell me to not be anxious of having sex with them, since they like me.

Even a girl said she would be happy if she got pregnant by me.

I am from a religious background and don't do such things.

Also guys I know who are outgoing and want to get in their pants have never been successful.

So why are girls targeting me when I am shy and quiet.

Is it weird?


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  • Shy and quiet attracts us. It's something about the innocence in a man, since that's hard to come by.

    • Ironic because when I was shy and quiet I got jack shit, since I learned to be confident and a player iv fucked over 90 girls and had a bunch of 3somes.

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    • @Dansexuall well no one likes a player. Confidence is sexy, too. But not a guy who goes around fucking every girl.

    • Oh really, why is it then that my reputation. Makes girls want me even more? Every girl likes a player. Iv slayed whole friendship groups of girls before. As soon as they learn iv done one of their friends, they all want some.

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  • A lot of women like a challenge. You're kind of mysterious and present a challenge for them.

    • Thanks bro :) I hope it's true. But I never expected it. I thought girls avoid quiet/shy guys !!

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  • ever heard of the forbidden fruit.. i think that's whats happening to you.. a mysterious person usually makes a person curious and wishing to un rap you and just find out whats in

    • Thanks bro. " Forbidden fruit" is a great example I guess. Very wise of you !!

  • You need to drop that burden of religion bro and plunge that clunge

    • Thanks bro. But I feel guilty if I do dump religion aside and make a plunge !!

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